In order to get the most out of higher education all parts that relate to it must interact with each other. That means students, universities, commerce and government.

Students gain knowledge from all the others and all of them are future work places that the students need to relate to. And of course they offer services that students might have use for – everything from products to public transportation. Universities want happy students, capital from companies and help to find housing for their students. The commercial world want competent future employees, access to the latest research and students that can live near both their university and the company. The government always win if other people win, and they too need both future employees and access to research.

Some places understand all of this – Helsingborg (that has it’s own campus that is part of Lund University) for instance. Or this year’s ”student city of the year” – Skövde.

My own city (Lund) however… Let’s not talk about it ok?