A while back I wrote about how I feel about Freedom. Well, that theme follow in to general politics as well, not only as a part of education.

As a friend of mine has pointed out in her blog, Burma is about to have a general election. Not to elect a government – the military leaders will remain, but to take on a new constitution. Awesome, isn’t it? Of course, the aim of this new constitution is to make sure the military stays in power.

But there’s freedom! The Burmese can choose to vote no! Well, nuns and monks wont be allowed to vote, but the rest are free to vote no! Except for muslims, who are also not allowed to vote no – but every one else… Let’s just stop before this turn into some sketch by Monty Python.

Still, those left have the Freedom to choose. But it is illeagal to campain against the constitution – even spreading informatition about why it might be bad. So, if you don’t have all the information – can you really say you are Free to choose?

And can one ever have all the information?